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Smoking ban in pubs is repealed in Saxony
Constitutional court of German Federal Land Saxony partly repealed the action of the law of non smokers protection at March, 27.
Till the end of 2009 Japan Tobacco will close factory in Austria and Great Britain
Japan Tobacco Inc. reported about closing of two factories in Linz, Austria. This decision has been taken in the context of the program of production consolidation on the grounds of recently bargain of Gallaher Company.
Nicotine helps to get the better of depression
Nicotine plaster may considerably alleviate depression of nonsmokers, as American scientists have established.
Cigars and women in history
Woman with cigar is a fascinating sight and we can say that it is very sexy. There are no special sorts of cigars for women, so, woman can smoke any cigars brands, as men do.
Cigarette says
Only 2% of smokers could not distinguish Parliament cigarettes from Marlboro lights with closed eyes.
Beyonce shocked tobacco fighters

Beyonce shocked tobacco fighters

The members of Australian antitobacco union QUIT were indignant watching posters of Beyonces new concert tour. 

Vogue. New style
British American Tobacco Russia launched renovated Vogue cigarettes.
Vogue Bleue, Vogue Lilas and Vogue Menthe of new style appeared at Russian market at the end of August, 2007.
Cut it off!

British American Tobacco launched new pack of Pall Mall cigarettes with cut angles, Pall Mall Pallmpack.


Cigarette brand
Nowadays every person knows the meaning of such word combination as cigarette brand. The name of cigarette brand speaks for itself. It can say about the quality and price of cigarettes.
Innovation for sophisticated smokers
Recognized pipe-tobacco producer produced cigarettes with pipe-tobacco Tradition under the license of Von Eicken. The cigarettes found its audience.


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Let’s check the facts. In February Australian Bureau of Statistics published a medical report for 1989-90s. Beyond believe that performance status of smokers is better than non-smokers and those who quit smoking. For example heart attack had 11,4 % of those who quit, 6,7% of non-smokers and 6% of those who smoke regularly. Because of high blood pressure as a result of stress suffer former smokers – 16%, non-smokers – 13,4% and 7,4% of smokers. In fact smokers are inclined to bronchitis. They sustain less of high level of cholesterol as against those who quit smoking. The same picture is with pancreatic diabetes and fatty degeneration which shorten lives of many people. It was not commented on the difference of kidney diseases. Smokers suffer from arthritis more frequently. The report shows minimal differences between medical condition of children of non-smoking and smoking parents.

Let’s see on schizophrenia and Altzgamer’s disease. Doctor James de Fanu wrote in The Times (Sept, 7 1993): “Smokers less amenable to Altzgamer’s disease, the more they smoke the better is protection. This data was taken from the results of survey made in Rotterdam University with the help of control group of 100 people. (…) It is well-known that nicotine has a lot of positive effects which are not told about because of politics. (…) After all, million of people could live better and longer.” There is no scientific proof that smoking leads to lung cancer or other organs. As a rule the reason of lung cancer is a genetic background and foodstuffs. The highest percent of smokers is in Greece and exactly in Greece is the lowest incidence of oncological and cardiological disease. It is explained by high consumption of fish and olive oil. Most doctors are afraid to say that smoking is not serious danger for the health because of fear to loose profession. From 1901 to 1991 was mentioned the highest rise of smokers quantity. In 1901 life expectancy for women was 49 and 45,5 years old for men. In 1991 these numbers were 78,6 and 73,2 years old. The truth is that there are no sufficient tests regarding inheritance mechanism, food products influence and industry pollution. It is absurdity to call tobacco as a killer. To waste millions on pursuit of smokers is not fair, it would be better to spend this money on scientific researches.” This is only a part of the entire article.

Here is an opinion of senior editor of “Kalumet” magazine from Krakow, Ianush Terrakowsky: “Most situations are the same as my observations. Most acquainted doctors of mine were asked to give information regarding this matter and I never got it.”

To smoke or not to smoke – each person decides by himself. I used to smoke a lot of, but 9 years ago I began to smoke a pipe, so I forgot what a smoker’s bronchitis means and feel myself happy.



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